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Nielsvd, Leiden
Nielsvd needs a place to live in Leiden. Are you interested? Click on the photo or on the link for more details.

Would you like to share a house or an apartment or are you in need of a room or a temporary stay in a non share apartment? Or do you have a place available? You can find the perfect roommate, tenant or housing right here. This service is fast and very simple. Increase your chances on the perfect match and post your photo profile now.

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Feedback  "Thanks for providing this great service! Immediately after we signed in, we already had three matches and every day we saw new potential roommates. Also the way of sending each other messages was very handy. And when we had questions concerning the website, we got useful response almost instantly. In less than a week we found our perfect roommate. Next time when we need a roommate, we will definitely revisit this website. Thanks again."

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Sjanne, Eindhoven
Sjanne needs a place to live in Eindhoven. Are you interested? Click on the photo or on the link for more details.

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